Today's medicine with a vision of the future - at the 27th CAMFiC Conference, Catalan Society for Community and Family Medicine, from 14th to 16th November in Conference Centre 5 - Fira Barcelona.

On 14th and 15th November 2019, HEALTHIO Day was held alongside the CAMFiC congress, the Catalan Society of Family and Community Medicine, at Fira Barcelona's Montjuic venue.

In its fourth edition, this 2-day HEALTHIO Day has focused on 2 main themes: DIABETES CONTROL and HOME HEALTH. The first day brought together speakers specialising in the management of Diabetes in all its fields, from Medical Devices to Patient Nutrition. On the second day, it focused on Home Health; innovations in the Doctor's Case of the 21st Century and Adherence to Treatment in Neuronal Diseases to the importance of Health Promotion, such as prescribing the doing of sport.

Date: 14th-15th November 2019
Place: Hall 5 of the Montjuïc Venue

Since the creation of HEALTHIO in 2017, CAMFiC* has played a fundamental role, collaborating both in terms of content and promotion of the event. As a scientific society of family and community medicine, it acts as channel and brings us closer to the reality of the patient/user.

HEALTHIO day themes:
• Diabetes control thanks to patients, healthcare facilities and innovations.
• Home healthcare.
• Aimed at medical professionals in hospitals and innovative companies in the health industry.

This event is aimed at both health sector professionals and users/citizens.

*Those attending the 27th CAMFiC Primary Care Conference will be able to access all the content from HEALTHIO DAY. Those accredited for HEALTHIO DAY and health professionals who want to attend the CAMFiC conference will have to register on the the event's official website. .




3:30 PM-5:00 PM

The present and future of diabetes discussion

The present and future of diabetes.Speaker: Dr. Josep Franch (Moderador), ICS.
Researching new digital therapeutic approaches for diabetes control. Speaker: Mr. Victor Bautista, Social Diabetes.
An overview of the technological innovations in diabetes control. Speaker: Nuria Gistau - Enfermera. Associació de Diabetis de Catalunya
¿Los pacientes empoderados mejoran los resultados? : co-designing healthy habits. Speaker: Dra. Beni Gómez- Zúñiga - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya y Investigadora del grupo PSiNET (Psychology, health and internet). .

5:00 PM-6:30 PM

Social and community factors that affect primary and secondary prevention of diabetes

Innovations in community health and primary care applied to diabetes control. Speaker: Carles Regordosa . Infermer. Associació de Diabetis de Catalunya.
Dietary education for patients suffering from diabetes. Speaker: Marta Ricart - Dietista - Associació de diabètics de Catalunya.
Behavioural change in primary prevention. Speaker: Ivan Lorca, IWOPI.
Physical activity and diabetes. Speaker: Dr. Mario Lloret - Cap Departament de Salut i Ciències Aplicades de l'INEFC de Barcelona -INEFC.



3:30 PM-4:30 PM

News on home healthcare

The primary care doctor in the 21st century.Speaker: Dr.Miguel Molina de Heras, ICS.
Present and future of home ultrasound treatments. Speaker: Dr.Pere Guirado, CAMFiC.
Artificial intelligence: Can we really predict patient outcome at home? Speaker: Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons, UniversalDoctor i HEALTHIO Co-Founder.
Incorporating physical therapy at home. Speaker: Toni Caparros, INEFc.

4:30-5:30 PM

Remote patient monitoring

El paciente EPOC en casa con tecnologías de la informació. Speaker: Dra. Mireia Sans y Noemi Garcia - CAPBSE.
Patients suffering from cardiac pathologies living in the home of the future. Speaker: Dr.Cesar Morcillo, Hospital Cima Sanitas, Barcelona .
El paciente frágil: si se puede, en casa - Dra. Alice Byram - National health service and Institut Català de la salut
Innovando en casa, centro de salud y hospital. Eva Aurin - Hospital Vall d'Hebron
Innovaciones en la salud comunitária para ciudadanos senior. Speaker: Dra. Ylenia Garcia - Institut Català de la Salut.

5:30 PM-6:15 PM

Talk - Workshop: Interactive App presentation and of helpful on-line videos on how to exercise at home. Speaker: Toni Caparros, INEFC.

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